The Right Tools for Any Job

Our company-owned equipment includes six drilling rigs, three support trucks, a backhoe, mini excavators, a crane, and a bushogging machine. This allows us to take on a wide variety of projects—no job is too big, or too small.

Serving the Southeastern United States

We are proud to serve North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Our customers include private homeowners, businesses, contractors, state agencies, military, and federal agencies. We are members of the National Groundwater Association and are accredited by the International Groundsource Heat Pump Association.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTSARM’s Site Assessment and Remediation Division facilitates residential and commercial property transfers, transactions, and remediation activities to help maximize the value of the property by performing necessary due diligence studies, remediation studies, and providing proper solutions for remediation of impacted properties applicable to environmental standards. Including phase I, phase II, and brownfield assessments.
  • EXPERT WITNESSJames L. Cornette, P.G., has over 20 years of field experience, successfully completing hundreds of contamination assessment, contamination remediation, water production, well drilling, hydrogeological and geological land planning, development, environmental drilling, water re-use, wastewater, permitting, mining, and waste reduction/disposal projects.
  • GEOTHERMAL DRILLINGAt Applied Resource Management, we are IGSHPA certified geothermal installers and HDPE pipe fusers. We specialize in open and closed loop geothermal systems. Our extensive knowledge and experience with local geography expedites the excellence of our work.
  • UST & AST REMOVALAbove ground storage and below ground storage tanks can be a significant risk to homeowners and the regulated removal and closure of UST systems can be a lengthy and costly process. ARM can help reduce cost while ensuring a quick and effective resolution. ARM’s experienced staff of Geologists and Environmental Technicians can assist our clients in completing the removal of the tanks, remediating the site and with filing post-closure reports with the State to receive a No Further Action (NFA) status.
  • WATER SUPPLY STUDIESARM has broad expertise and experience in evaluating ground water availability and quality for municipal, agricultural, industrial, and private property owners.