ARM’s Site Assessment and Remediation Division facilitates residential and commercial property transfers, transactions, and remediation activities to help maximize the value of the property by performing necessary due diligence studies, remediation studies, and providing proper solutions for remediation of impacted properties applicable to environmental standards. For many years and through strict and complex regulatory requirements, ARM has developed a working relationship with Federal, State, local agencies to achieve goals set forth by rules and regulations, and client expectations.

The Site Assessment and Remediation department of ARM includes a diverse team of environment professionals comprised of Professional Geologists, Hydrogeologists, Environmental Professionals, Registered Sanitarians, Asbestos Inspector, Soil Scientist, Certified Environmental Inspector, 40 Hour OSHA Certified personnel, Certified Well Drillers, and qualified environmental technicians.

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Phase I Site Assessments

ARM’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is designed as an economical study that incorporates a professional property inspection with interviews, regulatory list review, record searches, and aerial photograph research.  As per the American Society for testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines (designation: E 1527-06), the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is comprised of four components:

1.  Site Reconnaissance
2.  Regulatory List/Record research
3.  Interviews
4.  Report

Phase II Site Assessments

If impacts are found on the subject property, ARM will prepare a workplan to remediate the areas of concern found on the subject site. These events might include soil and groundwater testing, UST removal, AST removal and/or soil removal.

Brownfields Assessments

A Brownfields site is an idled, underused, or abandoned property where the impact or threat of an environmental impact has hindered the properties redevelopment. The North Carolina Brownfields Program is the state’s effort to help in the redevelopment of the property.  ARM helps in the redevelopment of the properties by completing a Brownfields Assessment and Receptor Survey.