James L. Cornette, PG, CWD
James L. Cornette, PG, CWDPresident/ Geologist
Mr. Cornette is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist, practicing throughout the SE US. He has over 25 years of environmental field experience, successfully completing hundreds of water production, well drilling, hydrogeological and geological land planning, development, environmental drilling, water re-use, wastewater, contamination assessment, contamination remediation, permitting, mining, legal support/testimony, and waste reduction and disposal projects.
CJ Cornette, PG
CJ Cornette, PGProject Manager/ Geologist
Gene Young, REHS
Gene Young, REHSBiological Sciences Dept. Manager
Mr. Young has been involved in water and wastewater resources since 1995. He has over 10 years of environmental field experience as an Environmental Health Specialist with local health departments.
Ryan Campbell
Ryan CampbellDrilling Technology & Septic Installation Manager
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Walter D. Giese, LSS, RSSoil Science and Wastewater Dept. Manager
Mr. Giese has over 20 years of environmental field experience, successfully completing thousands of site evaluations with regard to wastewater disposal.
Joseph L. Zuncich, PG, CWD, CPContamination and Monitoring Svcs.
Mr. Zuncich has over 10 years of field experience, successfully completing numerous subsurface environmental investigations, geological land planning, environmental remediation and system installation, drilling, field supervision, waste reduction/disposal, mining permitting, and wetlands delineation projects.
Donald Cummings
Donald CummingsDrill Manager
Sanford SweetingDrill Manager
Morgan RobbinsOffice Manager
Alyce BeanProject Coordinator
Sean Cropsey
Gene Young
Carla Citarelli