Many energy-conscious homeowners are interested in geothermal energy, and with good reason. Installing a groundwater geothermal system is a way to use the constant temperature of the ground in order to provide heating and cooling in the home. It’s also a good economic choice—homes that install a geothermal energy system can save between 30% and 70% on their monthly power bill. In some cases, they can even receive a tax credit from the state of North Carolina.

If you’re interested in geothermal energy for your residential home or commercial building, you’ve come to the right place. Applied Resource Management employs IGSHPA certified Geothermal installers and HDPE pipe fusers who can work with your preferred HVAC contractor or assist you in finding one in your area. We specialize in both closed loop systems and open loop systems, depending on your unique situation and needs.


A closed loop system, also known as a “horizontal pit,” “trench,” or “vertical bore,” consists of underground piping loops that circulate fluid out of the ground and then back through the heat pump in a continuous loop. The most common kind of closed loop system is installed vertically, as this requires less space. Closed loop systems provide more control over the amount of water used and require less maintenance.

If you’re interested in closed loop system, Applied Resource Management has the resources and experience to install vertical loop systems. We can also complete borehole drilling, and supply and return manifold trenching, and back drilling.


An open loop system, also known as “pump and dump” or “once-through,” works by running well water through the system, then discharging it once it’s finished. This system is less common than a closed loop system, as it will only work for areas that already have plenty of ground water. An open loop system connects directly to a ground water sources, such as a well or pond, and pumps the water into a building and to the heat pump unit where it can be used for heating and cooling. Water is then free to be pumped back into the ground, as this process doesn’t create any pollution. It’s generally less expensive to install than a closed loop system and water temperature is often more consistent.

Applied Resource Management can install both Single Wells (known as “Pump & Dump) and Double Wells (known as “Pump & Inject”). The choice is yours.

ARM provides a full range of Geothermal well drilling and loop system installation services.

We are IGSHPA certified Geothermal installers and HDPE pipe fusers. We work with your preferred HVAC contractor or can assist you in finding one in your area. To learn more about geothermal energy and find out which system is best for you, contact our experts today.

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