If you are looking for an experienced company that can assess the availability and quality of your groundwater, look no further than Applied Resource Management. Our professionals are experts at evaluating groundwater for municipal, agricultural, industrial, and private property owners.

Water Supply Evaluations

Water supply evaluations are often needed to develop new groundwater resources or design new water supply systems. ARM has conducted many such water supply evaluations for a wide variety of private and public entities.  Water supply evaluations are designed to answer specific questions, but often include estimating water requirements, and reviewing aquifer production. These evaluations can also project water availability based on factors such as hydrogeologic characteristics, existing well capacities, water level trends, potential well interference, water quality characteristics, and more.

Well Interference

Everyone wants to be a good neighbor, but sometimes nature works against this noble pursuit. Case in point: dewatering activities and over pumping of an existing or proposed new well can impact water levels for nearby properties. ARM can evaluate such effects based on local hydrogeologic conditions, water level trends, pumping rates, and other testing methods.  Such analyses may be part of a water supply evaluation and groundwater modeling project or conducted separately.  ARM has also provided expert witness testimony in cases where an industry has depleted surrounding aquifers. In these cases, contracting a water supply study is the neighborly thing to do.

Water Quality Assessments

With over 20 years of experience with regional water quality characteristics, ARM has a huge database of local water quality results. This makes our company uniquely qualified to assist our clients by providing in-depth knowledge of local aquifers. Whether you need to assess and control contaminants, create reports for regulatory agencies, or want a better understanding of the local waters near which you raise your family, ARM can evaluate and explain the quality of the water closest to you. We can also assess current conditions, identify changes and offer management strategies, evaluate the impact of pending products, and supply the vital data that will enable to you to protect your community, your business, and yourself.

Hydrogeologic Investigations

A common part of water supply evaluations or related water supply questions are hydrogeologic investigations, which the experienced professionals at ARM are happy to perform. These investigations evaluate groundwater availability, flow characteristics, and quality. The purpose of a hydrogeologic investigation is to study the hydrologic and geologic conditions in an area just below the earth’s surface, and can require a variety of activities, including going into the field to gather data by drilling, constructing wells and performing pumping tests, and collecting water samples for water quality analyses. It should come as no surprise that only professional hydrogeologists can complete these tasks in an accurate and responsible manner, and you will find the best ones in Eastern North Carolina at ARM.

Groundwater Modeling

Water is our most valuable resource; no community can survive without it. Therefore, it is vital to protect this precious reserve by ensuring that ground water is access and used in a safe, responsible, and environmentally sound manner. ARM helps our clients achieve this important goal by conducting Hydrogeologic studies, collecting data, and utilizing computer models to simulate the effects of ground water flow and levels. Our cutting edge technology can also predict the expected capacity use for storm water projects. These models are useful for evaluating the effects of proposed pumping changes on groundwater levels or simulating the effects of surface and ground water interaction. Stay safe, protect your community, and plan ahead for every scenario thanks to groundwater modeling.