Whether you want to install a well at your residential home in order to save money on utilities or need commercial drilling at your place of business, Applied Resource Management can help. With our on-staff Geologist, Licensed Soil Scientist, Environmental Health Professionals, and NC State Certified Well Drillers, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Thanks to our extensive well record database and geologic expertise, we guarantee access to the highest quality water in your area. 

Residential Well Drilling

Residential water well drilling allows you to reach the aquifer where ground water is found. Our team has the professional skills and machinery to drill into the earth’s rock layers and access this water.

The average person uses 100 gallons of water per day, and a well is a cost-effective way to save money on your water bill. For homeowners interested in green living and sustainable housing, residential wells are also environmentally friendly. If you live in a rural area and are building a new house, well water might even be a necessity, since the city doesn’t always maintain a water system in all rural areas.

Commercial Well Drilling

In addition to residential well drilling, Applies Resource Management also offers commercial well drilling. Commercial drilling includes many different services, depending on the client. Our wide range of our clients includes municipalities, businesses, government agencies, golf courses, and farms. If you need water (and all of us do) then we can provide it.

Our services include the following:

  • Large potable or irrigation well systems. This system is great for farms whose water needs far exceed those of single-family homes or small businesses.
  • Dewatering. This refers to the removal of water from solid material or soil. It’s often a necessary step of various industrial processes.
  • Well abandonment. If you no longer need your well, it’s not as simple as walking away. In order provide long-term protection to the surrounding environment, it must be professionally sealed.
  • Pump replacement or sizing. Nothing lasts forever—including your well pump. If the pressure has decreased, your water is dirty, or air is “spitting” from the faucet, it might be time to replace or resize your pump.
  • Geothermal well systems. Geothermal wells tap into the natural energy located beneath the surface of the earth. Connecting a well to this energy provides a stable heat source within your home.
  • Monitoring wells. Our experts can monitor your well as often as necessary to ensure that your equipment is in perfect condition and the water that you’re using is clean and safe.
  • Groundwater and storm water modeling. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to create a wide range of groundwater and storm water models. These can assist you during the planning phase of any project, big or small.
  • Water testing and treatment. Water is life, which is why we provide safe, customized, and dependable water testing for and treatment of both residential and commercial water wells.