Highly experienced and well-trained individuals staff the Soils Division at Applied Resource Management, where our focus is facilitating residential and commercial property transfers and transactions. We also design activities to help maximize the value of your property by performing necessary due diligence studies, wetland studies, and system designs. All this hard work results in solutions for properties that adhere strictly to environmental standards. In other words, we do what’s necessary, and we do it well.

The Soils Division of ARM includes a diverse team of environmental professionals, including Professional Geologists, Hydrogeologists, Soil Scientists, Registered Sanitarians, and qualified Environmental Technicians. No matter your need, we can fill it.

Wastewater and Site Soil Evaluations

The quality of soil on a given site can vary greatly, and these variations will affect how the site can be used and what amendments, if any, must be made. Our wastewater and site soils evaluations are the first step toward obtaining any permits, which is why we take them so seriously.

We begin by conducting a soils mapping valuation of the entire subject property, leaving no stone unturned. This includes initial soils evaluations, mapping and design recommendations for wastewater disposal areas, and soils maps sealed by a North Carolina Licensed Soil Scientist. An anticipated but approximate long term acceptance rate (LTAR) in gallons per day for drip field design, coordination with design/planning team for maximizing site development and lot layout is also included.

At ARM, we believe in personalized service. That’s why our expert team will meet with you on site to determine the best locations and system types for wastewater disposal on your property.  An initial site evaluation may also include some hand augered borings to do a quick check of what type of soils are present and if they would be suitable for a septic system. Thorough, professional, and knowledgeable—that’s the ARM way.

Wetlands Delineation

In addition to soil evaluations, our Soils Division can also determine whether and where wetlands are located on a property. This is very important, because wetlands affect what can be changed and impacted during your project.

If wetlands are present, don’t worry—your project isn’t doomed. Our professionals can analyze the wetlands to determine if they’re Isolated Wetlands (that is, wetlands which aren’t deemed critical) or wetlands that are regulated and protected by the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers.

If your wetlands fall into that second category, our studies are preliminary. The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers and the North Carolina Department Of Environmental and Natural Resources could require additional work as part of your project’s approval and permitting process. No matter what happens, we’ll make sure the path you take is the right one.


You need permits, and we’ve got professionals who can get them. Our staff can help you with all of your permitting needs, including:

  • Wastewater
  • CAMA
  • Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Mining
  • Nationwide permits
  • Most local county permits.

To ensure the process is as smooth as possible, ARM maintains an excellent working relationship with county, region, state and federal permitting offices.