December 7, 2015/in Environmental News /by jeng

At Applied Resource Management, we know the importance of ensuring that both our experts and our equipment are up-to-date and adhere to the latest technological advancements. To that end, our staff is made up of highly trained geologists, environmental professionals, and licensed soil scientists, and our equipment includes drill rigs, support trucks, backhoes, mini excavators, cranes, and bushogging machines. Now, we have a new piece of equipment to add to our list. Introducing: Well-Vu.

What is Well-Vu?

Well-Vu is an underwater viewing system. Portable and easy to use, it is essentially an underwater, down hole camera and console. The viewing system comes with a fisheye camera that has a 180-degree lens, which shows twice as much detail as a standard lens. This allows us to view both the sidewalls and down the well at the same time, and clearly shows color variations caused by different contaminants and mineral deposits. This also eliminates the need for an “old-fashioned” two-camera system, and will allow us to get the information we need faster and more effectively. Thanks to the advancements provided by this powerful tool, we are better equipped to diagnose and repair any existing problems with your well.

How can Well-Vu help you?

We are excited to offer this new tool to our clients, and eager to share the ways that it can be used. For example, if you just bought a new property that has a well, Well-Vu can help us learn the condition of your well water. If you know something is clogging your well but can’t figure out what it is, Well-Vu can identify the problem. If you prefer to fix an existing well or drill a new one, Well-Vu can provide information and data to guide the process. Knowledge is power, and Well-Vu makes Applied Resource Management more powerful than ever before.

Ready to give Well-Vu a whirl?

If you have a well project that could benefit from the information and expertise gained from Well-Vu and our experienced and knowledgeable staff, contact Applied Resource Management today. In the meantime, like us on Facebook for the latest in environmental news and company updates.