January 11, 2016/in Environmental Services /by jeng

For many people a New Year means a new chance to make resolutions, set goals, and improve their lives. At Applied Resource Management, we believe this time of year is also a great opportunity to do those same things for your business. Whether you call it a strategic plan, an annual review, or an excuse to dream big, your business deserves some dedicated time for self-improvement so that it can continue to grow and thrive. If expanding your business is on your list of “Things To Do In 2016,” then we have some good news—our services can help ensure that your resolutions become reality.

Site Assessments

Sometimes an expansion means literally getting bigger, and that requires environmental property site assessments. These assessments are basically property inspections that review and measure the impact your expansion will have on the surrounding area, along with ideas for mitigating those impacts. Suggestions might include things such as soil and groundwater testing, underwater storage tank removal, or soil removal—all things our trained and experienced professionals can help accomplish.

Water Supply Studies

Water supply evaluations are often needed when you want to develop new groundwater resources, or design a new water supply system. This is especially relevant to businesses building new structures, such as offices, warehouses, shipping centers, or storage facilities. If you’re looking for an experienced company to assess the availability and viability of your groundwater, Applied Resource Management can help. Our professionals are skilled at evaluating groundwater for all kinds of property owners, including municipal, agricultural, industrial, and private.

Geothermal Systems

Perhaps your business isn’t expanding, but you’ve made a commitment to “go green” in 2016. Or you are expanding, and you want to make ensure that the choices you make are responsible and sustainable. In either case, installing a geothermal energy system is a great way to accomplish these goals. Not only are these systems good for the environment, they’re also good for your wallet, and can help you save between 30% and 70% on your monthly power bill. If you’re interested in geothermal energy for your commercial building, you’re in luck—our IGSHPA certified geothermal installers and HDPE pipe infusers can get the job done. 2016 never looked so good!

If your plans for the New Year include expanding, growing, or building your business, your first step toward success should be contacting Applied Resource Management. Together we’ll make 2016 your must successful year yet. Happy New Year!