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Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) May 19, 2014

Geothermal wells were a topic of conversation when Dawn Desantis, Marketing Coordinator at Applied Resource Management (ARM), was featured in the April 25th episode of Bridges to Business Radio on Wilmington Business RadioX. Desantis joined Dr. Deb Mosca, CEO of Marine Biotechnolgies Center of Innovation (MBCOI). The two leaders were interviewed by Ann Revell-Pechar, discussing geothermal well drilling and the work being done at the MBCOI.

For over 18 years, ARM has been the source for Eastern North Carolina’s geothermal alternatives, well drilling, and environmental needs. Specializing in green energy using geothermal solutions and clean waste water disposal projects, ARM has become a sought after resolution for both commercial and residential properties. Using geothermal energy, which comes from the natural heat of the earth, ARM replaces HVAC systems with a geothermal heat pump, cutting electricity bills by nearly 50%.

“We reduce energy consumption by reducing how hard your HVAC system has to work to heat and cool your home,” explained Desantis. “Highly conductive pipes are sunk into the ground at 250 feet. Water runs through those pipes into a special water source heat pump, which then modulates the temperature to the ground temperature, which is 62 degrees. This requires less energy to get the building to a comfortable temperature, whether that means cooling it from 90 or heating it from 30 degrees.”

Deb Mosca also joined in the conversation to discuss MBCOI, a nonprofit organization that facilitates collaboration on emerging marine bio-technologies. Working with universities, scientific researchers, industry, and funding organizations, the Center aids the commercialization of new scientific discoveries to benefit North Carolina’s economy.

“MBCOI was established to help translate North Carolina’s marine-related discoveries into novel products and services, as a means to drive economic development,” said Mosca. “We’re working to create an inventory of all the resources that exist in the NC system and expedite the path to market for partners across the state.”

To learn more about Applied Resource Management and MBCOI, listen to the entire interview at Bridges to Business.

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