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Case Study: A Geothermal Energy Bill

August 9, 2016/in Geothermal Energy /by jeng If you’re an energy-conscious homeowner, you’re probably at least interested in geothermal energy. That’s because a groundwater geothermal system uses the constant temperature of the ground to heat and cool the home. It’s good for the

By |August 9th, 2016|Categories: Geothermal Energy|

Environmental Assessment Reports: What to Expect

July 7, 2016/in Environmental Services /by jeng When it comes to construction and development, it’s important to ensure your project is done in a safe and responsible way, which includes the effects your project might have on the environment. It’s the reason an

By |July 7th, 2016|Categories: Environmental Services|

Before You Build: The Importance of a Site & Soil Evaluation

June 27, 2016/in Environmental Services /by jeng Whether you’re a commercial developer looking to expand your business or an individual hoping to build your dream house, one thing is certain: you’re going to need a site & soil evaluation before you build. While

By |June 27th, 2016|Categories: Environmental Services|

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