November 21, 2016/in Geothermal Energy /by jeng

At Applied Resource Management, we’re big fans of geothermal energy. What’s not to like? Compared to air source heat pumps, geothermal is efficient, easier to maintain, and less expensive in the long run, to name just a few benefits.

By now, you’re probably sold on geothermal. “Sign me up!” you say. Before you can contact Applied Resource Management and schedule an installation, there’s one more thing you must consider. Do you want a closed loop system, or an open loop system? While both have benefits, there will be one system that is right for you depending on your home’s size, location, insulation type, and other factors. Today, we’re going to discuss closed loop systems in more detail—if you’re interested in open loop systems, stay tuned for a future post!

In a closed loop system, underground piping loops circulate fluid out of the ground and then back through the heat pump in a continuous loop. These systems are installed in three different ways:

Vertical Closed Loop System

The most common kind of closed loop system is installed vertically, as this requires less space. Closed loop systems provide more control over the amount of water used and require less maintenance. These are often used by large commercial buildings and schools, since the land in these locations is often more expensive. Vertical closed loop systems are also a great choice

Horizontal Closed Loop Systems

This type of installation is generally most cost-effective for residential installations, particularly for new construction where sufficient land is available. It requires trenches at least four feet deep.

Pond/Lake Closed Loop Systems

This option is the most affordable, but it comes with a catch—you have to have an adequate body of water in order to install it. In this closed loop system, a supply line pipe is run underground from the building to the water and coiled into circles eight feed under the surface, which is deep enough to prevent freezing.

How to Get a Closed Loop System

A drilling contractor, such as those employed at Applied Resource Management, can install whichever style of closed loop system is the best fit for your home. If you’re interested in this environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating and cooling system, contact us today to get started!